Date: Fri, 25 Feb 1994 21:21:16 -0600 From: mftcf[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UXA.ECN.BGU.EDU Subject: Re: local locality pronunciations On Thu, 24 Feb 1994, Patricia Willis wrote: > Endless Americanization of French Midwestern place names: > Des Plaines, Illinois = dess planes > Joliet, Illinois = jolly-ette > Momence, Illinois = mo-me'n-cee > Yes, and Versailles, Ill.: ver-sales Bourbonnais, Ill.: [b[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]r bon'is] San Jose, Ill.: [saen' djoz], with a diacritic over the j Cuba, Ill. [kyubi] Prairie Du Rocher, Ill: prairie doo rosher (I give up on IPA) We have a helluva lot of French plance names; i bet if you looked at al the USGS maps you could fill a book. Hmmmm.. . .. .. Tim F