Date: Fri, 25 Feb 1994 10:43:23 -0800 From: David Harnick-Shapiro Subject: Re: Phonetic/Phonemic E-Mail Alphabet On Thu, 24 Feb 1994 12:59, Dan Brink writes: > ... Of course, current > 7-bit E-mail can't handle UNICODE (although it *could* with > with some sort of mail agent client which could shift from UNICODE > to 7-bit. Current email *can* support various character sets, when it supports the recent MIME email standard. If you don't have MIME-compatible mail readers at your site, pester your Postmaster :-) (I won't go into this in depth, but basically MIME provides, among other things, a structured way to indicate what character set is used in a message. Even better, it allows you to structure your message into multiple parts, and allows multiple character sets to be used in different parts of a message. Thus, I could provide two different versions of my message, one in UNICODE and the other in a pure-ASCII approximation. When you read my message, your mail reader would take the chunk that was in UNICODE and crank up a UNICODE-savvy program to display it. If you did not have such a program on your system, your mail reader would skip the UNICODE version and display the plain ASCII. Any drawbacks? Composing a message is a little more involved, particularly when you want to provide alternatives as described above; and MIME messages can look kind of messy to people without MIME-compliant readers. Worth it? I think so, especially for folks like us who chafe under the constraints of seven-bit ASCII characters.) -------- David Harnick-Shapiro Internet: david[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Information and Computer Science UUCP: ...!{ucbvax,zardoz}!ucivax!david University of California, Irvine BITNet: DBSHAPIR[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]UCI