Date: Fri, 25 Feb 1994 17:27:02 +0100 From: Hans Vappula Subject: Bilingual reduplication >Glad to see Rudy Troike bring up the old war-horse of bilingual reduplication. >(Please don't ask why linguists say 'reduplication' instead of 'duplicate' or >'replicate'!) >My favorite over the years has been the Hawaii toponym 'The Napali Cliffs' >which is 'The The Cliffs Cliffs.' This beats by one item all the well-known >'The El...' forms (E.g., 'The El Toro Motel'),and I have never heard any such >form as 'The El Rancho Ranch.' >Dennis Preston >22709mgr[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]msu.bitnet How about Torpenhow Hill in Devon (or is it Cornwall?), England. Tor (Cornish?) Pen (Welsh) How (Norse, compare Old Norse haugr, Morwegian haug) Hill (English) All meaning approximately "hill". Thus, Hillhillhill Hill. //Hans ============================================================ Hans Vappula * guchw[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] * hans.vappula[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]