Date: Thu, 24 Feb 1994 12:59:54 -0700 From: Dan Brink Subject: Re: Phonetic/Phonemic E-Mail Alphabet I strongly agree with Bill's advocacy of UNICODE as opposed to SGML-type markup for non-ASCII characters. Of course, current 7-bit E-mail can't handle UNICODE (although it *could* with with some sort of mail agent client which could shift from UNICODE to 7-bit. And, of course, it would give us non-Roman alphabets, etc., as well. WWW, Mosaic, and the like can already deliver accents, etc. at long distance, making the TEI's 7-bit work-around less and less impt. ========================================= Daniel Brink, Professor of English ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY BOX 870302 TEMPE AZ 85287-0302 602/965-4182o 602/965-3168m 602/965-3451f 602/965-2679hcf Internet: Dan.Brink[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]ASU.EDU