Date: Thu, 24 Feb 1994 12:45:58 EST From: Wayne Glowka Subject: Re: local locality pronunciations >Some Kansas shibboleths: > >1. The Arkansas river is the ar KAN sas (vowel in CAN) in Wichita, while the >state is AR k[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]n saw. A small town near the Oklahoma border is ar KAN sas City. >In Oklahoma, the river and the state are pronounced the same, but the city >keeps its Kansas pronunciation. > >2. El Dorado (near Wichita) is el do RAY do. > >3. Olathe (a town between Lawrence and Kansas City) is o LAY the (schwa at the >end. > >4. And, so far as I know, only easterners pronounce Colorado and Nevada with >the /a/ in father. Out here these have the vowel in CAT. > >5. Not from Kansas, but only the unwashed and college professors pronounce >Cairo, Illinois as anything but KAY ro. From Wayne Glowka: Texicans say [kalorad[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]]. But we're Texicans, not Status: R Westerners. [AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]=schwa