Date: Thu, 24 Feb 1994 09:58:00 CST From: Larry Davis Subject: Re: local locality pronunciations Some Kansas shibboleths: 1. The Arkansas river is the ar KAN sas (vowel in CAN) in Wichita, while the state is AR k[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]n saw. A small town near the Oklahoma border is ar KAN sas City. In Oklahoma, the river and the state are pronounced the same, but the city keeps its Kansas pronunciation. 2. El Dorado (near Wichita) is el do RAY do. 3. Olathe (a town between Lawrence and Kansas City) is o LAY the (schwa at the end. 4. And, so far as I know, only easterners pronounce Colorado and Nevada with the /a/ in father. Out here these have the vowel in CAT. 5. Not from Kansas, but only the unwashed and college professors pronounce Cairo, Illinois as anything but KAY ro.