Date: Thu, 24 Feb 1994 09:42:17 EST From: Larry Horn Subject: Re: local locality pronunciations I'm not sure whether the eponymous gentleman was being forgotten or memorialized. I recall a former quarterback--he may have played for the Jets and/or the Patriots--whose name was spelled Taliaferro (like the county except for the double t) and pronounced in just that manner, as in Oliver. So we may not be dealing with perverse toponymy here but perverse onomastics, if that's the right technonym. --Larry ----------------------------Original message---------------------------- >In this vein, I've always regarded these idiosyncratic local pronunciations as >our modern (modren?) shibboleths. One of my favorites is the suburb of >Rochester spelled Chili and pronounced to rhyme with jai-alai. > > LH From Wayne Glowka Status: R A colleague has just reminded me that Taliafero County (in Georgia somewhere along I-20) is pronounced [taliv[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]r] as a means of forgetting the jerk after whoM the county was named.