Date: Wed, 23 Feb 1994 14:03:54 EST From: Wayne Glowka Subject: Re: [u]/[ju] in Houston Dear Don, I can't make any systematic pronouncements, but around here I hear [dju:] for 'dew' and occasionally [nju:+stju:dInt] for 'new student'--but more from old folks and less from young. The distribution seems as crazy as the distribution of [a] and open-o in 'log,' 'frog,' 'dog,' etc. Students make fun of my [yu:mr] for their [hjumr] 'humor.' They also distinguish between 'which' and 'witch,' which I don't. You're not trying to say that someone says [hu:stn] for [ju:stn] are you? Houston County, which is just south of Macon, is pronounced as [hawstn]. Figure that as a Texas boy. Off the subject completely: Buena Vista, Alabama, is pronounced [bju:na], read schwa for [a] here. I thought the disc jockey was joking, but he wasn't.