Date: Tue, 22 Feb 1994 09:07:34 GMT From: "Warren A. Brewer" Subject: [u]/[ju]/[au] in Houston Question is, is Houston a cpd. with OE. [hu:s]? If so, the [hjus-]/ [jus-] forms must have been analogized. Thus far, we seem to have [hjus-] as the name of four counties in Alabama, Minnesota, Tennesee, Texas; a town in Mississippi; a borough in Pennsylvania; two cities in Texas. Locals in the Texas port city say [jus-]. A county in Georgia and a street in NYC Greenwich Village are [haus-]; recomposition, as in housewife < hussy; cf. supercomposition of house-husband. What about hustings? I had always had a reading pron. with [hjus-], but the older pron. seems to be with schwa. OED has Houstonia [hus-] (plant genus), Houston's folds [hus-]/[hjus-] (anat.). Does this indicate that the older pronunciation was [hus-]?