Date: Thu, 17 Feb 1994 21:28:03 -0800 From: THOMAS L CLARK Subject: Re: Net Resources? Natalie's query seems to offer an opportunity for offering some observations about using e-mail and networking in service to the study of American English. I teach a course titled Development of American English, senior level, mostly senior English majors with a sprinkling of Educationists and a few grad students. Texts: Baron, Grammar and Good Taste (some history) Glowka & Lance, Language Variation (survey of field) Frazer, "Heartland" English (specific studies) In addition, I require all students to have accounts on the mainframe at UNLV. These accounts are generally set up before the first day of class and based on enrollment information from the registrar (I let user liaison handle all the paperwork and typing. Students are given about one assignment per week to answer via e-mail. Usually this involves some library work (looking at DARE, American Speech or some such). In addition, I select discussion that come to my mailbox from ADS and Linguist to forward to them. I toyed with the idea of enrolling them all in ADS-L, but didn't, for excellent reasons. Some of them like to respond to EVERYTHING. That would fill ADS-L with a large group (29) of enthusiastic amateurs. You folks didn't need that. We have enough problems of our own. And enough junk mail. At any rate, the students are becoming computer-literate (which they will have to be in spite of the fact that English majors are antediluvian almost to the point of rejecting the electric typwriter as a machination of Satan. They are learning that the Information Superhighway is near and they are about to be ground under whilst still at the on-ramp. Those headed for teaching are discovering that third graders now more than they do about parts of speech and mice-driven studies. Some of the items that I share with the students are answered in detail and these responses I collect and forward to individuals in ADS-L or Linguistics or wherever. Anybody who wants a syllabus or further info can request same. Cheers, Thomas L. Clark tlc[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]