Date: Sun, 2 Sep 1956 12:27:27 MST From: utom[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]712ADMN.NEBO.EDU Subject: Re: non-sexist language American Dialect Society: While being told of a semi-recent discussion you had on non-sexist language, I was amused by suggestions for dealing with the waiter/waitress problem. The "watron" suggestion is a step in the right direction, but it sounds too much like "matron." Even worse, it draws too much attention to "waiter" and "waitress." Thus, "watron" does not engender respect. When I go out to eat, I would like to be served by a dining consultant who can make recommendations. I would feel much more comfortable consulting with a dining consultant than with a mere waiter, waitress, or watron. Thank you, Tom Uharriet