Date: Tue, 15 Feb 1994 11:21:36 -0700 From: Dan Brink Subject: Re: Too in initial position I agree that initial Too is not typical spoken English in the American English I'm familiar with. But, as I stated earlier, and *do* seem normal, and indeed commonplace, but only in a very specific situation: a group is discussing/arguing about a topic, and someone puts forth an argument in support of position 'A', and then I think of another argument in support of position 'A', and I say: Then too, . . . I'm not sure I have heard, or would use introductory 'too' in any other circumstance, but this one seems very common. ========================================= Daniel Brink, Professor of English ARIZONA STATE UNIVERSITY BOX 870302 TEMPE AZ 85287-0302 602/965-4182o 602/965-3168m 602/965-3451f 602/965-2679hcf Internet: Dan.Brink[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]ASU.EDU