Date: Thu, 10 Feb 1994 20:19:01 -0800 From: Arnold Zwicky Subject: Re: A rara avis MANGO 'green pepper' is common, but scarcely old-fashioned, in central ohio. if i call a local pizza place (in columbus - disregard the source of this message in palo alto, california) and ask for green peppers on it, it comes in a box with MANGO on it. there is actually one pizza place that's willing to supply [tropical] mangos as a pizza topping; as in the supermarket, this ingredient is identified as FRUIT MANGO. the marked alternative. [i happen to like the tropical fruit, a lot. so i've had to learn to ask for it in a phrase, not a single word.] in my experience, the pepper-MANGO region extends at least as far west as central illinois, though i believe it's been contracting geographically in the younger generations. maybe some place just south of columbus will be the vanishing point. arnold