Date: Tue, 8 Feb 1994 18:58:02 EST From: Erick Byrd Subject: "She's/He's like all, you know..." Not only have I encountered widespread usage of quotative "like," I have frequently heard it used in conjunction with "...all, you know..." For example: Oh yeah, she's like all, you know, like into it and all!" The semantic flexibility and contextual variants of usage seem to be endless. But like, it's all cool and everything, right? Right! It also seems that, in much the same way genetic traits have a way of leap- frogging their way into the future, phrases and expressions from the "Beat- nik" era seem to be making some inroads into present-day jargon. I guess it's cool...I can dig it....crazy! Regards, Erick Byrd Univ. of Georgia, Dept of Lang Ed., Athens, GA