Date: Mon, 7 Feb 1994 13:19:53 -0600 From: Christine E Capra-1 Subject: Re: She's All On Sun, 6 Feb 1994, Keith Russell wrote: > I've enjoyed the informal surveys concerning current usage, so I decided > to do one of my own. > > A couple of years ago, my daughter (now a junior in high school) and her > friends started using the phrase "s/he's all" to mean "s/he says" or "s/he > said," when reporting a dialog. For example, an incident might go > something like this: > > He's all, "Would you like to go?" > And she's all, "I'll have to check my schedule." > And he's all, "Let me know, okay?" > > Interestingly enough, my two older children have never seemed to acquire > this usage. > > Have any of you heard this? Yup. My ten year old son uses "s/he's all." I don't know where he got it from. He lives in Minneapolis aprt of the time and Taos, New Mexico the rest of the time.