Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 20:35:46 -0500
From: Kusujiro Miyoshi kw900325[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]S.SOKA.AC.JP
Subject: Re: Japan(ese)

It seems queer that no Japanese comments on this problem. As a native
Japanese speaker, I think "Japan Alps" is a literal translation of
"Nihon Alps "(or, we also say "Nippon Alps"). This is, needless to
say, a proper noun, and fixed accordingly. For the adjective of
"Nihon" or "Nippon," we usually say "Nihon-teki" or "Nippon-teki."
The original Japanese word discussed now is a proper noun and not
"Nihon-teki (or, Nippon-teki) Alps." So, it seems natural for me
to call it "Japan Alps." Of course, in the case of "Nihon cha,"
which is Japanese tea, and the like, it is translated in that way;
because it is not a proper noun.

Kusujiro Miyoshi
Soka Women's College,
Tokyo, Japan.