Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 16:01:46 EST
Subject: Re: internet language

To add to Jeutonne's comments: you might want to look at notions of contact
and change in the virtual world as they undergird some of the issues about
telling newbies from habitues. Lexical items are very easy to pick up and
sprinkle about, even when not always used with precision. J & I find that
people writing to each other in the virtual universe adapt a number of their
face-to-face strategies to the medium, but within the preferences they have
as individuals. They interact in a variety of interesting ways, from the lexi-
con up through the macroproposition. This is part of the reason that J & I
think e-discourse, at least in asynchronous conferencing (and other asynch.
interactions), is register-ial. You might want to check writings on this topic
by Kathleen Ferrara or Harriet Wilkins. Hope this helps -- Boyd Davis