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1. "gool" for "goal" (2)
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3. "doubled perfect" (4)
4. dish (n.) = gossip
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Date: Wed, 18 Feb 1998 08:58:10 -0600
From: Thomas Creswell creswell[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]CROWN.NET
Subject: Re: "gool" for "goal"

In my southside Chicago 1920's childhood, when playing hide and seek,
the child who was "it" would hide his eyes and count up to 100 by fives
then cry out, "Here I come, ready or not. All around gool's it."
"Gool" referred to the tree truink or whatever the it child leaned
against to hide his eyes while counting. "It", of course meant "the
child who must count and then seek for others who were hiding.