Date: Thu, 26 Feb 1998 10:26:05 -0500
From: Grant Barrett gbarrett[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]DFJP.COM
Subject: RE Fruit boots (was thongs/zoris)

From: Bethany K. Dumas
I picked the term up from a gay man from Columbus, Mo.

I think you probably mean Columbia, Mo. Yes?

When I was growing up in Missouri, they were always thongs, but "flip-flops"
started creeping in the older I got. I am now at the point where I start to
say" thongs", then mumble "flip-flops" and kind of point at the feet or the
footwear in question, to clear up confusion about what kind of thong I am
referring to. The Victoria's Secret catalog has done a lot to bring thong
underwear to the attention of America at large.

I have never heard "zoris" and God forbid I should now have three different
words to choose from when referring to them. I refuse to wear them, anyway,
because I cannot stand the flip-flopping sound they make.

Grant Barrett