Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 11:37:59 -0500


Subject: The City -Reply

David Bergdahl (614) 593-2783 asks:

I have a question about the "real New Yorkers"--do they (as I do) refer

to Idlewild rather than JFK and do they use the old subway line routes in

conversation (AA, GG, BB rather than 1, 9, &c)?


(who moved out on the island--Feb 1942)

Well, I called it Idlewild for a while, but then adapted to the change. I may

have been more linguistically flexible: I'm at least 6 years younger than

you, on the evidence.

I think of the numbered subway lines as being only on the IRT, and the

BMT and IND lines as lettered. I refer to the lines that I remember, most

notably the D and F trains. AA: was that the 8th Ave. local?

But I haven't lived there for many years.

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