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Subject: Changes to the English Language

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Subject: Changes to the English Language

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I received this from my web page (HEL) and thought some of you might have

some juicy stuff for this toastmaster from Citicorp...

Date: Mon, 26 Feb 1996 19:24:12 -0800

From: "Charles M. Anderson" charles.anderson[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]

Organization: Citicorp

I am doing a 5 minute presentation for Toastmasters about the changes

being made to English. (The audience is mostly

English-as-the-second-language Citibankers) The emphasis is that a

language that does not change is dead. For research, I am trying to

locate a list of changes made in the last 10-20 years - I wish to keep

the speech lively. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.


Charles Anderson

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