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Subject: OE fonts

I presume somebody might enjoy this info and can use it.

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Subject: OE fonts

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Earlier this evening Peter Baker announced a new, improved basket of his

Old English fonts (for both PC and Mac users). Brill. I've just

downloaded and played a bit with the Mac version. Although I haven't

yet experimented with every single character, it's clear that Peter

provides the best possible fonts for those of us who must use not only

thorns and eths but also other features in our roughly-diplomatic

transcriptions or citations of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts. All ten thumbs

up, Peter. Cheers.

I attach below a slightly-abridged copy of Peter's posting to ANSAXNET,

which explains how to get the fonts. And, yes, the fonts are free. The

dot-com people don't rule the Internet quite yet. (Peter's Jefferson

Fontworx locale is facetious. You'll do better to look for him in UVA's

Dept of English.)

Carl Berkhout

Just a word to tell the good ANSAXNET folks who have been using

my "Old English Font Pack" that I have posted an upgrade on an

ftp site here at the University of Virginia. Like earlier

versions, this one includes "Junius," the seventeenth-century

"Saxon" typeface, and "Junius Modern," which is like "Junius" but

with modern letter-shapes substituted for insular ones and with a

large number of special characters useful to students and

scholars of Old English: vowels with macrons and breves, crossed

thorn, yogh, many Latin suspensions, and so on. "Junius Modern"

now comes in regular, italic, bold, and bold italic. This version

also includes a typeface in the "Junius" style, but with the

standard Macintosh or Windows character set; it is intended to

enable you to type the non-Old-English parts of your document in

a style compatible with that of "Junius" and "Junius Modern."

The package still includes "Anglo-Saxon Caps" and "Beowulf-1,"

both fonts which imitate Old English script.

The address of the ftp site is; the

directory is /pub/Baker (notice the capital). The site is

accessible via Netscape (

or Fetch, or standard ftp. Login as "anonymous" and give your

e-mail address as a password. Remember to set the file type to


The Macintosh files are self-extracting archives: download one of

them to your computer and double-click it, and it will make a

folder with the necessary files in it. You will need Pkunzip or

the equivalent to extract the Windows files from the Zip


As always, these fonts are free. Happy computing!

Peter Baker

at the Jefferson Fontworx, Charlottesville, VA