Date: Thu, 22 Feb 1996 16:15:09 -0600

From: Miriam Meyers mmeyers[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]MSUS1.MSUS.EDU

Subject: Re: Monkey Wards and Kame-apart -Reply

Fritz Juengling St. Paul MN of St. Paul writes,

On Tue, 13 Feb 1996, Miriam Meyers wrote:

We use the 'French' pronunciation of Target here in Minnesota

We do?

The first time I heard anyone say `tar-zhay' was the day before

yesterday. But the speaker is visiting from Maine and gives a French

pronunciation of her own family name, where her son gives an American

pronunciation. So, I thought, after I figured out what in the world she

was talking about, that she had gone to 'Target' and was giving some odd

pronunciation just to be funny.

Since Target is such a high-class place to shop, I go there all the

time. I have ever heard any of the employees not advertisements refer to

it by any other name than 'Target.'

Okay. Some Minnesotans don't, obviously. I can say with certainty that I

have been hearing this for at least 15 years in Minnesota, from a variety

of people.

Miriam Meyers

Metropolitan State University