Date: Sun, 18 Feb 1996 16:17:40 -0500


Subject: error in NADS re: SAMLA (and my address!)

I've just signed back on to ADS-L after months off it (in case anyone

wonders-- or cares!). Forgive me for rejoining with a criticism of our

own newsletter!

The latest NADS, which I just received last week, correctly

announces that I am chairing an ADS session in Savannah this Novemeber

at SAMLA (South Atlantic MLA), for which abstracts are due May 1. I

would like to make this a general invitation, but I have to start by

giving my correct address.

Contrary to the NADS listing, I do not receive mail c/o the

Center for Language Teaching and Learning in New Haven CT! I am still

at the Linguistics Dept., Georgetown University, Washington DC 20057.

Please direct any inquiries about abstracts to me via email, or via

mail at the Georgetown address. (What is the CLTL, anyway? Is one of

our ADS members affiliated with it? I've never heard of them.)

I will post details later this week of the SAMLA session.

Meanwhile, I invite anyone interested in visiting this lovely Georgian

city and sharing your dialectal insights (on any topic within the

usual confines of ADS talks) to mull it over and contact me.

glad to be back,

--peter patrick