Date: Fri, 2 Feb 1996 19:20:40 -0700


Subject: Re: ESL/forks to the right/pudding & pie?

Another factor could be that the addition of --and-- allows a single

syllable word to be pronounced as a trochaic foot once --and-- is

attached in the pronunciation. Salt and pepper, x and vinegar. Other

phonological/phonetic factors could come into play. A sequential move

from front to back / back to front or high to low / low to high places

of articulation should be favored, as would the positioning of voiced

stops internal and unvoiced stops at edge. Tall, dark and handsome.

These phrases are usually spoken as units with the --and-- reduced to the

fullest extent.

If the [n] attaches too well to a proper name, it could distort it.

Fitch'n Abercromby sounds as if Abercromby had a problem. The store name

may have been alphabetically ordered as Abercromby & Fitch, but which

had the biggest share or was first, I don't know.

All said and done, the possibility of an [n] followed by an [n] is not

down and out.

Bill King SLAT Univ. of Arizona