Date: Fri, 24 Feb 1995 12:15:24 PST

From: "Jim Ague, ague[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE], Col Spgs,


Subject: Per Judge Ito -- 60 major dialects of Spanish

Pardon the interuption, but I think someone asked a question similar to this a

few weeks back.

Prior to the interview of Rosa ? (neighbor of OJ who claims to have seen OJ's

white Bronco parked on the street during the time of the murders) in Judge

Ito's court today, Ito mentioned that there were 60 major dialects of Spanish

and he wanted to be sure that the interpreter could converse clearly with the

lady from El Salvador.

So how many dialects does English have? And how do you count them? How do you

arrive at a cutoff point and declare, nope that just missed the "major" list?

And did you know that in Spanish "Judge Ito" means "little judge"? (per D.


-- Jim