Date: Mon, 28 Feb 1994 11:42:06 EST


Subject: Strange symbols

Some of the symbols appearing on my screen from postings to this

list are impossible for me to decipher. The symbols exist on no

keyboard I've ever seen. Most common are an upper case O beneath

a Spanish tilde and an upper case E beneath a curcumflex.

These symbols often surround character strings referenced by the

discussion, so I assume they serve as delimiters in addition to some

other functions. Other lists impose a symbol depicting a semicolon

under a horizontal bar, and I'm told by computer analysts (sic) this

is the way my "system interprets the tab key on the sender's system".

Is there a list devoted to strange twists of language (OXYMORON-L)?

If so, I nominate "computer system". Is there a Rosetta stone allowing

an interpretation of the code generated by ADS-L owner's client server?

At current subscription rates feel free to think of me as a client.

Recent postings recommending more software are probably going to win,

but I foresee a time when the need for software will outpace the speed

at which we are able to add more memory. The half life of computer

equipment is getting shorter and shorter.


* Stephen Goodman, (518) 473-8017 / sfg02[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]albnydh2.bitnet *