Date: Sun, 13 Feb 1994 22:07:26 -700


Subject: Re: Too in initial position

On Sun, 13 Feb 1994, Donald M. Lance wrote:

I have vague recollections of English teachers "correcting" me for using

initial 'too' as we use initial 'also' and 'and', followed by a comma as in

Grepstad's example. I checked several style handbooks, thinking that there

was a stylistic "rule" inveighing against the usage, but didn't find one.

This usage, to my ear and eye, is common in spoken style (I suspect in any

variety of English) but is considered too informal for most written styles.

These "rules" in style books exist because native speakers of the language

actually do use the forms in questions, of course.

DMLance, U of Missouri

I also remember being taught in English class that initial 'too' was

incorrect. Unlike Professor Lance, however, I do not feel that this usage

is very common in spoken American English; I do agree that its use in

written language is quite informal.