Date: Sun, 13 Feb 1994 15:12:21 METDST


Subject: Re: Too in initial position

Dan Brink:

Thanks a lot for your note. This is getting interesting, at least to

me as a foreign, non-native observer. A have had a couple of other

replies already, both from the US.

One claims:

"Too," as a clause beginner seems to occur in written

texts. To my ear, it always seems self-conscious and vaguely ugly, a

pretentious brightness or cuteness. I have never heard it in human

speech. Neutrally, you might bank it as a marker of middle-brow

written dialect. [...]

The other says:

[...] But briefly, sentence-initial "too" is virtually non-existent

in American English speech. it is very high-style literary. [...] it

has the ring of the 19th century to it [...] I notice it much more

often in written British English, so perhaps it is more current and

ecceptable in that national variety.

Your note adds other nuances to the picture:

My intuition is that 'too' is quite common in (near) initial


in spoken American English, although (almost) always accompanied by

'then' or 'and then'.

Best regards,

Jon Grepstad