Date: Thu, 10 Feb 1994 18:50:12 -0600


Subject: Re: An English Grammar Text

I would like some help on a textbook problem. This summer I get to teach

(we only get a shot about once every five years) and I need the money so

I said OK. The course is English grammar, which I havent taught in five

years or so. The corse is for teacher ed. majors, the book should be as


and non-theoretical -- non-technical, please!!!!!! these kids scare easy --

as possible. I prefer one with lots of good exercises. The kids are

expected to know the basic structure of English, parts of speech, etc.

In short, something like enlightened traditional grammar. The book I

used to use -- THE SCOPE OF GRAMMAR -- is, I think, surely out of print.

Any suggestions?

Tim Frazer