Date: Wed, 9 Feb 1994 15:46:28 EST

From: Allan Metcalf aallan[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]AOL.COM

Subject: Newsletter deadline

If all goes as expected, the "January" Newsletter of the American Dialect

Society will go to the printer Friday morning, February 4. Until then there

is room for last-minute announcements of coming meetings, publications, etc.

But get it to me by Thursday evening!

It will be printed next week and in the first-class mail probably around

the 18th. It will announce MARCH 21 as deadline for proposals for our annual

meeting Dec. 27-30 at Le Meridien San Diego in Coronado, Calif.

You will get this if

you're an American Dialect Society member. If not, send me your s-mail

address and I'll send you a copy; or send me $30 for full membership this

year, including our journals AMERICAN SPEECH & P.A.D.S.

Thanks to all who have already contributed news! Allan Metcalf, English

Dept., MacMurray College, Jacksonville, Illinois 62650.