Date: Sat, 5 Feb 1994 16:08:48 -0500

From: Ellen Johnson ellenj[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]ATLAS.UGA.EDU

Subject: appalachian

This list has been pretty slow lately. Thought I'd pass on a couple of

items from the Atl. Constitution's weird news briefs section:

REALLY HUMAN: The protection against discrimination on the basis of

sexual orientation in Cincinnati's new human rights ordinance was

repealed in November 1993. However, the ordinance has the nation's only

provision forbidding discrimination against "Appalachian Americans."

[in Australia] members of Parliament traditionally address one another

much more aggressively than [in US Congress] Among the names recently

overheard on the floor of the Parliament: perfumed gigolo,

brain-damaged, harlot, sleazeba, scumbag, mental patient, and dog's vomit.

This is probably mild compared to what's been going on in Russia lately.

Ellen Johnson