Date: Wed, 31 Dec 1997 11:38:58 +0200 From: John Hopkins Subject: 'InterNOT' as a 1997 WOTY nomination ... Dear All, Perhaps particularly in followup to Gareth's WOTY suggestions, I would like to nominate 'Internot' (sometimes seen with the NOT part highlighted) as a WOTY for 1997. It seems to me that during 1997, particularly in academia but also in the business world, the line was crossed between usage of the internet being perceived as a new or leading-edge technology (bearing in mind how slowly things change among the academic mainstream, as opposed to ADS-L subscribers) to both familiarity and active usage of the internet being 'expected' if not 'assumed' as a basic qualification for those working in higher education -- and also in business marketing -- to the point where those NOT on the internet are viewed as dysfunctional with respect to internal university communications, teaching and scholarly development and a host of other considerations. In short I feel there was a very rapid and remarkable shift of status to internet proficiency now being a basic, mainstream literacy qualification, with those who are NOT such now viewed quite pejoratively. Related to this has been the shift in meaning of words like 'geek' from almost-exclusively pejorative to contexts approaching admiration for one's proficiency with technology (seen in turn as a current/future key to upward mobility and success). 'Internot' has been used in computer publications such as InfoWorld and PC Magazine (plus BYTE, etc) for at least two years, but increasingly this year has been used in mainstream newspapers and magazines. Yours, JOHN ************************************************************************* John D. Hopkins University of Tampere, Finland Phone +358-3-2156116, FAX +358-3-2157200 *************************************************************************