Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 23:15:53 EST From: Bapopik Subject: Queen's English I got on a plane to Toronto, bought a Toronto Star at the airport, and flew back just to post this item!! It's from the Toronto Star, 30 December 1997, editorials, pg. A18, col. 1: Queen's English The Royals have always had a tendency to torture the English language. Queen Elizabeth has a fondness for strange declarations, like: _Set the tay dane, m'deah_, when she requires a cuppa. But Prince Charles, the future King of Canada, appears to be an even bigger fan of the linguistic rack. Or so the venerable Sunday Times (London? Anyone see the article?--ed.) reports. Charles not only pronounces _off_ as _orf_, and _horse_ as _'orse_, but drops the "g" in words like _mornin'_, mangles _mouse_ so that it becomes _mace_, twists _man_ into _mayn_, and may even be starting to swallow the "t" in words like _foo-ball_. We can just imagine Chuck at the next Canadian affair of state, belting out a special regal rendition of the national anthem. _O Caynada, are 'ame an na-ive laynd_ _True pa-riot luv, in awl thy sons commaynd!_ God help us when he gets to the French bits. (POSTING NOTE: If we actually had an AMERICAN POPULAR SPEECH ONLINE, this would be reprinted in the "news" section. When I suggested regular "regional" columns, I meant Canada, England, and Australia as well as the U.S. If those societies are also interested in the project, the title can easily be changed to ENGLISH ONLINE--or something similar--and we'd have even more "hits.")