Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 15:59:49 -0600 From: Mary Bucholtz Subject: Re: WEIRD EXISTENTIAL Might this be related to the structure "The thing is is that..."? The reduplicated "is" isn't a speech error, and it's obligatory for those who use it. Mary Mary Bucholtz Texas A&M University bucholtz[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] >I recently had a two-hour conversation with my real-estate-lending agent. He >has a peculiar syntactic form that I wonder if is just an idiosyncrasy or if >others are familir with it as well. He begins sentences with IS THAT used as >an existential, as in > >"Okay. Is that we have to see copies of your 1996 tax returns." > >"Well, now, thats done. Is that we need to calculate your gross income for >1997." > >This guy is a native speaker. Born in New York. Is he weird or what?