End of ADS-L Digest - 20 Dec 1997 to 21 Dec 1997 ************************************************ Subject: ADS-L Digest - 21 Dec 1997 to 22 Dec 1997 There are 12 messages totalling 353 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Glass Curtain 2. Blackbirds 3. ADS Luncheon Uncovered 4. Rail Splitter; Lobby 5. ADS luncheon: review 6. ADS-L RETURNED MAIL (2) 7. Test 8. "wig out" (2) 9. wig out 10. ADS luncheon choices ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 22 Dec 1997 05:04:39 EST From: Bapopik Subject: Glass Curtain What hath "the glass ceiling" wrought? This is from the New York Post, 21 December 1997, pg. 53: Hitting theater's "glass curtain" Why women behind the scenes can't make it on Broadway By Amy Worthen (...) She (Susana Tolbert) says she ran up against theater's "glass curtain," a barrier that female directors, producers and playwrights say has kept them from the reaching the (sic) top ranks of American theater. A computer check shows a recent book by Carlo Gebler called THE GLASS CURTAIN: INSIDE AN ULSTER COMMUNITY. The first "glass curtain" (which appears to play off Winston Churchill's "iron curtain") is a 1965 symposium book edited by Raghavan Narasimhan Iyer, THE GLASS CURTAIN BETWEEN ASIA AND EUROPE. Why do women have all this "glass" everywhere? What's next? PHILIP GLASS: Beats me. It's driving me crazy. POPIK: Philip Glass! Last week's Village Voice cover! PHILIP GLASS: I don't live in a glass house. It doesn't have a glass curtain and it doesn't have a glass ceiling. I don't even have a glass-bottom boat! POPIK: Have a heart. PHILIP GLASS: I DON'T HAVE A "HEART OF GLASS," EITHER!! POPIK: Women can see right through you. PHILIP GLASS: IT'S A PANE IN THE GLASS!!!! POPIK: Do you have any glass slippers? Would you say you live in a Glass Menagerie? PHILIP GLASS: No! It doesn't have a Glass Key, or a Glass Wall, or a Glass Sphinx, or a Glass Tomb, or a Glass Cage, or a Glass Web, or a Glass Tower, or a Glass Mountain!!!! POPIK: You left out GLASS ALIBI (1946), directed by Lee Wilder. PHILIP GLASS: I'M SHATTERED!!