Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 19:04:51 -0600 From: "Timothy C. Frazer" Subject: Re: Reconsidering ADS publication arrangements Its probably premature until the executive committee sees all the publisher's proposals, but I have this initial reaction to the publishing proposal. 1. Emotionally, I hate to see the break with Alabama Press. UAP has published PADS for years, I think perhaps from the beginning, or at least since it was PADS. It's an old tradition. My personal experience with all the people at UAP has been excellent. When I started my book project, I sent my first inquiry directly to Mr. MacDonald, and he gave me a lot of encouragement, even sent an inquiry when I let the project lag. Without his positive support, I am not sure I would ever have finished the book. If there is any way the Alabama proposal can be made competitve, I would want to see it get every consideration. 2. Having let my heart speak first, I would have to say the Duke proposal looks very competitve. I did not know either about the $35,000 dollar subvention. Moreover, during Ron Butters' excellent tenure, American Speech has had a connection with Duke for a number of years. We aren't, presumably, dealing with strangers. 3. I don't know if physical space is important in this electronic age, but if it is, it seems good that Connie, the editor of American Speech, is right down the road at Chapel Hill. 4. When people are evaluated for tenure, "Duke University" on the title page of your book or article doesn't hurt. To sum up, it hurts to think of the connection with UAP broken. I hope that isn't necessary. But if that's where we are, the Duke offer looks awfully good. Of course, that's all a first-hand remark. Tim PS Let me add my thanks to Bethany's for the committee's work up to this point.