Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 14:48:54 -0500 From: Grant Barrett Subject: ADS-L Archive Search Revised I have revised the ADS-L archive search page. -- All archives available from 1992 to present are now included. -- The digests now have html suffixes, allowing them to load in most browsers without a problem. -- I have added line and paragraph breaks in the documents. The files are much easier to read, having been restored to basically their original form. If you happen to save a page to disk, choose Text rather than Source or HTML and the html tags will disappear. -- The number of searches conducted by members has been fairly consistent at a couple or so a day. Considering the relatively low numbers of people on this list, I think that's pretty good. I'll keep this search engine up until it gets in the way or I decide I have the time and resources to make it permanent. -- The search should be about 25% faster, at the penalty of allowing fewer users to connect to the web server simultaneously. I might have to change this back; in January our agency web site goes online and I expect there to be a lot more traffic after the indexers and robots come by. -- Event though the search is faster, I removed the All search option because it is so s l o w. Two minutes is entirely too long for a search. I will restore it when I find a faster search option. -- I am now looking for a different search engine that will allow users to search an index rather than looking in all the files each time. Since there are about 1800 files occupying 10 MB of space, the current search method is tedious. -- I have changed the default search date to 1997 and removed individual monthly entries. Comments, questions and insults welcome as always. Grant Barrett gbarrett[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]