Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 16:27:28 EST From: Bapopik Subject: (Washington) Monumental Liar "Gravegate" is over, and it seem that Larry Lawrence was a liar, a monumental liar. I don't have the OED in front of me, but a "monumental liar" is much worse than your garden variety of liar liar. It's really hard to believe that there are any liars in Washington, D. C. After all, everyone knows that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree and had to tell the truth, right? This "monumental liar" is from the Washington Post, 23 May 1887 (the Washington Monument officially opened to the public in 1888), pg. 4, col. 2: "Yes, I saw these stories. There's not a word of truth in one of them. Newspaper Row harbors two or three colossal fabricators, and THE POST hires one reporter who does nothing but hunt down their yarns. The attack on the Assistant Secretary of State was invented by the chief of these--a monumental liar--in fact, a Washington-Monumental liar, the largest in the world, 555 feet in the clear. Of course we don't print these lies as facts."