Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 21:30:13 -0500 From: Beverly Flanigan Subject: Re: P.S. (Re dialect videos) I forgot to mention two more series of audiotapes that shouldn't be missed: One accompanies Shopen and Williams' _Standards and Dialects in English_ (year?), chapters 7 & 8; it includes lengthy excerpts from the early CAL tapes of Black English-speaking kids and is esp. good in its representation of style-shifting by the kids. It also has upper-class NYC speech (eschewed by Labov) and two wonderful stories told by older Appalachian English speakers (and authentic, according to my regional students). The second series is of course the OSU Language Files tapes, esp. (for your course) three: one on varied regional pronunciations, a matched guise test of black and white varieties of Am.Eng., and a collection of Gullah ("Uncle Remus") tales (with "sounding" examples on the back).