Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 13:23:59 +0000 From: Jim Rader Subject: Re: sand nigger We have only a handful of post-Gulf War cites for , though Nexis has (naturally) more data. The earliest cite I located was from the 7/28/86 issue of . Where the reference is specified, it usually refers to an Arab (a vague enough term in itself), though not surprisingly the people using this term are not strong on geography: it is quoted in reference to an Iranian-American (San Diego Union-Tribune 8/24/93), a person of Armenian descent (Automotive News 8/8/94), and the "East Indian" customers of a Nissan dealership (Denver Post 8-5-94). and got some publicity when Terrel Bell, a Reagan-era secretary of education, published a book in 1987 claiming that White House staffers routinely used these epithets. The most interesting cite was from (3/21/90): Chippewa Indians in northern Wisconsin report that white locals refer to them as "sand niggers" and "timber niggers." Is this a recycling of the Middle Eastern slur or something of independent lineage? Synynoms offered, in addition to , are (already recorded in Dialect Notes in 1921), , and . Jim Rader