Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 21:38:16 -0500 From: Gerald Cohen Subject: Re: "Java" First, thanks for the messages on "Mudville." I've forwarded them to Robert Smith of the _Boston Globe_ and will ask that he send me a copy of whatever he writes on the subject. If in fact he does so, I'll let you know what he says. In the forwarding of the messages I somehow inadvertently sent Dan Marcus' message back to ads-l. Sorry about the mishap. Now to "Java." Barry Popik has recently treated this word in a few ads-l messages, and I would like to add a footnote. An article in the German news magazine _Der Spiegel_, Nov. 4, 1996, p.243, contains an interview with the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Scott McNealy, in which he tells how the computer language "Java" received its name. McNealy of course spoke in English, which _Spiegel_ translated into German. Here is the German version and then my translation of it: SPIEGEL: Wie sind Sie auf diesen merkw=FCrdigen Namen gekommen? (How did yo= u come up with this peculiar name?) MCNEALY: Ich glaube, wir haben sie so genannt, weil bei der Entwicklung irrsinnig viel Kaffee getrunken wurde. Au=DFerdem waren alle anderen gut klingenden Namen schon per Copyright gesch=FCtzt. (I believe we called it that because while we were developing it we drank a terrific amount of coffee. Besides, all other good-sounding names were already copyrighted.) --Gerald Cohen gcohen[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]