Date: Mon, 15 Dec 1997 02:22:38 EST From: Bapopik Subject: "Stick a fork in --, he's done" The headline in the New York Post, 14 December 1997, pg. 89, is: STICK A FORK IN WITHERSPOON This refers to the heavyweight fighter Tim Witherspoon, who will soon turn 40 years old and may retire. No, the New York Post headline writers aren't sadists. (Then again--) They're referring to the phrase, "Stick a fork in (him, her, Witherspoon, the Dallas Cowboys, etc.), he's done." It refers to meat on the barbecue that's "done" or cooked. I found a song by Ian Tyson, Slick Fork Music, 1984, called "Rock Begins to Roll (Older Version)." The first line of this cowboy song is: "Don't you stick a fork in me cause I ain't done." I know it's the end of the semester for a lot of you. Do you have any other forks?