Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 13:56:26 -0500 From: "Dennis R. Preston" Subject: Re: Posts and Getting Along Well, Fred, you ought to come sit at some of the bars I go to. Lexicography (and lexicology) rarely come up. How them critters talk funny over there (construed broadly, it goes without saying) does pretty often. DInIs PS: There has been a Dicionary Society (DSNA) for some time; surely it is the 'right' place for those principally concerned with these matters (although I agree that lexicon should hardly be excluded from ADS or for that matter its publications or general concerns of dialectology and/or sociolinguistics). On a testier note (though accepting full reponsibility for our need to make what we do known and make how it is relevant better known), I would not like to see any scientific field's principal work defined (or redefined) by resetting (or abandoning) its goals to meet popular notions. >On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Timothy C. Frazer wrote: > >> Maybe what we need is a not a new ADS-L list, but one that addresses the >> needs of many of the non-professionals--something lke "words and phrase >> queries." I would like to see such queries elsewhere, and ADS-L confined >> to a discussion of reserach issues in dialectology and soicolinguistics. > > >Speaking as someone who is not a professional linguist, but who has a >strong interest in certain aspects of linguistics, I would like to make >the following observation: Historically, the American Dialect Society and >the journal American Speech have included lexicology and lexicography >among their areas of interest. Today, the interests of ADS members are >predominantly dialectology and sociolinguistics, but, to me at least, it >would be a shame if lexicology and lexicography were excluded altogether >from the American Dialect Society, American Speech, and ADS-L. > >It is worth noting that, if the American Dialect Society wishes to >maintain its links to sources of publicity and funding such as the popular >press, excluding lexicology and lexicography would be shooting itself in >the foot, since these areas are of greater interest to the public than >are dialectology and sociolinguistics. > > >---------------------------------------------------------------------------- > Fred R. Shapiro Coeditor (with Jane Garry) > Associate Librarian for Public Services TRIAL AND ERROR: AN OXFORD > and Lecturer in Legal Research ANTHOLOGY OF LEGAL STORIES > Yale Law School Oxford University Press, 1997 > e-mail: fred.shapiro[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ISBN 0-19-509547-2 >---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dennis R. Preston Department of Linguistics and Languages Michigan State University East Lansing MI 48824-1027 USA preston[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Office: (517)353-0740 Fax: (517)432-2736