Date: Wed, 10 Dec 1997 10:23:38 -0500 From: Fred Shapiro Subject: Re: Posts and Getting Along On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Timothy C. Frazer wrote: > Maybe what we need is a not a new ADS-L list, but one that addresses the > needs of many of the non-professionals--something lke "words and phrase > queries." I would like to see such queries elsewhere, and ADS-L confined > to a discussion of reserach issues in dialectology and soicolinguistics. Speaking as someone who is not a professional linguist, but who has a strong interest in certain aspects of linguistics, I would like to make the following observation: Historically, the American Dialect Society and the journal American Speech have included lexicology and lexicography among their areas of interest. Today, the interests of ADS members are predominantly dialectology and sociolinguistics, but, to me at least, it would be a shame if lexicology and lexicography were excluded altogether from the American Dialect Society, American Speech, and ADS-L. It is worth noting that, if the American Dialect Society wishes to maintain its links to sources of publicity and funding such as the popular press, excluding lexicology and lexicography would be shooting itself in the foot, since these areas are of greater interest to the public than are dialectology and sociolinguistics. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fred R. Shapiro Coeditor (with Jane Garry) Associate Librarian for Public Services TRIAL AND ERROR: AN OXFORD and Lecturer in Legal Research ANTHOLOGY OF LEGAL STORIES Yale Law School Oxford University Press, 1997 e-mail: fred.shapiro[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] ISBN 0-19-509547-2 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------