Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 13:42:36 -0500 From: Susan-Marie Harrington Subject: FAQ/Welcome I would be happy to help with drafting whatever document we would like; as a relative newcomer to the ADS I'd probably make better contributions to a general section on netiquette or listservs as teaching tools than to the sections on the organization. Whoever ends up organizing this should work with Terry and Jesse to make sure that what we produce is technically feasable--and we need to decide (or someone needs to decide, since listservs are horrible places to make decisions) whether we want a FAQ, which is typically organized by Qs and As and is typically posted to the group at regular intervals (sometimes in parts), or whether we want a welcome message, which would be mailed once to new subscribers. Susanmarie Harrington Susanmarie Harrington sharrin[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] Indiana University-Purdue University,Indianapolis (317) 278-1153 425 University Boulevard fax: (317) 274-2347 Indianapolis IN 46202-5140