Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 18:18:48 -0600 From: Samuel Jones Subject: Re: HOW COLD IS IT? (Wie kalt ist es?) In Germany, the question "Wie kalt ist es draussen?" (= "How cold is it outside?"), often produces a reply using the thumb and index finger of the same hand as a mesure of the cold, indicating by the distance or "length" beteen the two the effect of the cold on a certain portion of the male anatomy. One simple gesture is worth a dozen euphemisms. smjones >Speaking of cold, don't any of you down there know about certain anatomical >attributes of brass monkeys that may freeze in sub-zero temperatures? (Of >course it never gets that cold here in balmy Victoria!) > >Barbara Harris. _______________________________ DR. SAMUEL M. JONES Professor Emertitus Music & Latin American Studies University of Wisconsin-Madison "Pen-y-Bryn" - 122 Shepard Terrace Madison, WI 53705-3614 USA _______________________________ EMAIL: smjones1[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE] _______________________________ TELEPHONE: 608 + 233-2150 _______________________________