Date: Sat, 30 Dec 1995 18:07:35 -0400 From: "Bethany Dumas, UTK" Subject: Re: And The Winners Are... I see a problem this year that I was not aware of last year. When I saw the list of nominees, I assumed (I realize now) that we were referencing SPOKEN words --hence my objection to words like "www." I think in the future we might want to devise some way to recognize both prined words and spoken words, sometimes in separate categories. I regret that "hello?" did not get some recognition. I heard a great example of its use this morning in (horse-)jumping lesson. Terry finished her round, and Deb, the instructor, started giving Sara instructions. It became clear that Sarah was hlaf asleep and not listening. Deb stopped, then said, "Sara, it's your round. HELLO???" I then explained that that was a nominee in the WOTY contest, etc. So we stopped to define words, then resumed jumping. Great Saturday morning activity! The sun was shining and the temp. was about 40. (That's part of the reason I was not in Chicago.) Looking forward to ADS w/LSA in 1997! Thanks for all the good work, especially from you, Natalie. Bethany