Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 16:15:58 MST From: Tom Uharriet Subject: Happy Holidays -vs- Merry Christmas > Tell Viriginia "Merry Christmas" for me. (I've grown tired of being > careful to use the PC "Happy Holidays." Has anyone else notice it > increasingly replacing the former expression?) > > Terry Irons I've never thought much about how PC it is, but I do often use the HH expression when I don't know which holiday the group is celebrating. It is less awkward than, "Merry Christmas &/or Happy Hanukkah." Probably most people on this list intend to celebrate Christmas. But for those of you who are already a few candles into Hanukkah, greetings to you too. And, of course, let's all have a happy new year--unless you only celebrate the new year according the Hebrew calendar and have therefore already begun your new year. Or unless it is the Chineese calendar . . . etc. PC or not, if I do not know how much I have in common with the people I write to, "Happy Holidays" is closer to my intended message. HH to you all, Tom utom[AT SYMBOL GOES HERE]