Date: Wed, 20 Dec 1995 17:24:28 -0500 From: "Dennis R. Preston" Subject: Re: Gutters They are indeed chiefly South Midlands (as I am). The 'lead trough' (which I had forgot) is indeed so named becuase it leads into the downspout. Dennis (Old-timer) Preston >DARE Vol III will have an entry for 'lead trough,' with variants 'lead,' >'lead-off trough,' and 'lead pipe." We have quotes from 1902 DN 2.238, 1904 >DN 2.382, 1906 DN 3.120, 1907 DN 3.223, c1960 Wilson Collection, 1966 Dakin >Dial. Vocab. Ohio R. Valley 2.59, 6 DARE Infs (4 from KY), and 1 TX inf >from LAGS. We're labelling it "chiefly S Midl." Presumably these lead the >water to the downspout. > >Joan Hall